Saturday, June 29, 2013

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples

So you’ve made it 25 years. That is two and a half decades of being legally married – you ought to hand it to yourselves. Most people don’t even make it 8 months. If your silver anniversary is coming up and you are looking for the absolutely perfect anniversary gift for your spouse to celebrate this momentous occasion, you can’t skimp. If you are looking for anniversary gifts for men you have to know exactly what he wants. The same goes when you are looking for an anniversary gift for couples, because you want to find something can spice up your sex life, which can be important when you hit the 25 marker. Here are some silver anniversary gifts for couples. 

If you are looking for wedding anniversary gifts for men and the ladies too, for an especially naughty silver anniversary dinner, why not try out the Omibod Club Vibe 2.Oh! This erotic toy was designed for couples and for some extra exciting and naughty public fun. Basically you get a specially designed black thong with a unique vibrator that hugs the vagina perfectly and comfortably. Then you have the remote, which you can hand off to him to control for the night. Not only do your get 5 different vibration modes, but also you have a voice-activated remote that can be operated from up to 20 feet away. Lets say that you leave the restaurant and wait on the curb – you can whisper filthy things into the microphone and the vibrator will send little vibrations to her clitoris – it is up to her how much she can control her “O” face.

Omibod Club Vibe 2.Oh!
Another great toy to put down on your list of great anniversary gifts for a couple on their 25th  wedding anniversary, is the Sex Sling.  This sex sling is perfect for couples that want to bring back that flexibility that they once had in the bedroom. The sling is simple to use. Two cuffs go around the woman’s ankles and then a sling goes under and around the neck so that her feet can be propped way up in the air. Not only does this allow the man deeper penetration, but also the woman will be able to experience much deeper g-spot stimulation, which can be difficult as the years go past. However, this apparatus will make sure to keep your feet in the air so that you can keep going without getting tired. No one should be getting tired during sex.

Also, if you are a woman looking for anniversary gifts that will surely turn him on after 25 years of marriage, try to dress like a schoolgirl again with the Naughty School Girl Uniform. Even though he is now the CEO of a company he still has that naughty school girl fantasy that he has been dying to see come to life. Just surprise him when he gets back from work wearing this uniform and he will be so turned on that he might not know what to do with himself. With the see through top that gives a peak of your breasts and the sexy short skirt, he might blow his load right when he lays eyes on you.

Naughty School Girl Uniform
If you are looking for anniversary gifts for couples that have been in the game for a while you have to get them something that won’t bore them out of their seats. When it comes to silver anniversary gifts for couples, you have to think way outside the box. Right now when you go to you get 50% OFF just about every irresistible item when you enter the offer code GIFT100 and with your order you’ll receive a FREE Mystery Gift, 3 FREE Hot DVDs, and FREE Shipping on your entire order. And remember each order is shipped discreetly so no one needs to know your sexy secret. So go to Adam & Eve to add some spice to your life.

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